Beyond the specs. Seeking feedback on real world use

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    I'm in the market for a multitrack recorder like the Model 16 or 24. The 16 would be enough for me but I understand they are both very similar except for the number of inputs. Mainly I'd be using this for recording a 3 piece band live in my basement, with some overdubbing. I would do mixing on the computer upstairs. I've read all I can about these recorders including the specs but would like to know from users what they think of actually using them. How do you like the workflow? Is the menu system intuitive or is it stupid? Does anything bug you about the recorder that you didn't find out until after you started using it?
    • One review said track naming / file management is hard. How bad is it?
    • Mixdown files are "non-interleaved", which I'm guessing means a file for left and a file for right. That kind of sucks.
    • The manual sucks apparently from comments I've read. Most manuals I've read for tech like this suck, this one is that much worse?
    • Any insights to share?
    Most of the other cons / negatives I've read about these things aren't really bothersome to me or not relevant to what I'm doing. Thanks!
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