Controlling MX2424 and two DM-24 mixers with RC2424 remote: I need help

Discussion in 'TASCAM DM-24' started by Hubert Temba, Nov 20, 2018.

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    Oct 2017
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    I have a RC 2424 remote that I want to use to control my Tascam MX2424 digital recorder while I use 2 Tascam DM24 mixers linked together using the cascade card installed in the master DM24 mixer.

    How do I change the clock or Midi so that I can control the MX2424 together with the 2 DM24 mixers connected together through the cascade cable by using the RC2424? It has to do with clockwork. I’m looking for practical uncomplicated way to connect my RC2424 with the MX2424 and the 2 mixers. I want to control the recording from the remote control RC2424. Thank you for helping me.
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