Cubase 7.5 DM4800 encoders


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Jan 2, 2014
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Greetings, an issue with CB7.5 and Dm4800 in REMOTE controller surface mode. when i switch DM to use rotary knobs to automate AUX sends.. Cubase responds with EQ adjustments and the input routing changes.. there is NO response on the screen with the send sliders within Cubase moving.. NONE.. mind you this only happens with 7.5.. same project opened in 7.0 and all of the encoders are working fine and aligned with the default settings.

anyone else using 7.5 and have ALL the control surface assigned correctly?
thanks for any input.
I also noticed that the NUDGE key in the Machine Control section no longer works in 7.5. I haven't tried this yet but I found this suggestion in Steinberg's user forum that appears to have fixed similar problems for other control surface users. It appears Steinberg changed some of the Mackie protocol mappings in 7.5.

In Cubase, if you click on the "Devices" menu and then click on "Mackie Control" you see a little box with a drop down in it set to "Cubase". If you set it to "Compatibility" the buttons go back to working as before.

From what I read, "before" means how buttons worked up until version 7.0.6.

Let me know if this fixes the problem so I have something to look forward to when I get home from work today get a life Charlie! :)
" Steinberg changed some of the Mackie protocol mappings in 7.5. "

I think there should be some sort of fine or penalty against software developers who just can't keep their grubby fingers off of things which work and don't need fixin'.

I concur! Or - Just don't upgrade!! Cubase 6 for me - forever!!
Didn't work for me...not sure how to reconfigure cubase so that everything thing works as before. worked I forgot to change both Mackie Devices.
Nope I was mistaken. The setting change recommended above does work. Just make sure you change both Mackie and Mackie2 to "Compatibility". Is there a Mackie3 for the DM4800? If so, change that as well. Should this be highlighted as a sticky? I can see new Cubase 7.5/DM3200/4800 users freaking out over this.

Even though Cubase 6.5 is a very stable version, 7.5 has lots to offer. Download the trial version and take it for a spin!
I will have to try the "compatibility" switch.. to get things to work. thanks.. will let you know.

I also thought that the DM4800 should have more control functions.. like the MC Control from Euphonics.. Now Avid.. i use one and really like the ability to control all of the plugin parameters you want.. very helpful and powerful .. maybe Steinberg is trying to go down that road?

As mentioned in this tread it would nice if the developers would leave the stuff that works alone!
thanks for the quick response and help!
Hope it works for you. I don't believe steinberg broke anything. Probably not wise to make the default the proprietary mappings though!

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