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Oct 4, 2012
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So while the forum was gone, I recently had a strange issue.
there was a random subtle digital noise like a capacitor discharging, coming from my slave machine and ending up on tape. I was using adat to send the audio from my slave to my master. Everything was routed correctly, and settings were all fine.
It was suggested by Tascam that I reload the software, which didn't solve it.
Anyway I never did resolve it. I instead tried xlr's out of the R/L on top of the slave to two xlr in channels on the master and that solved the issue.
So I'm thinking its a problem with either the adat or the digital converter. Any idea's? Redbus? (So glad were back)
Well that was my first thought, but I checked everything and every setting between the two machines? I haven't tried using a external master clock as I don't have one. I would assume the two units would sync up very nicely, but a good master clock would eliminate any doubt. I'll keep my eyes open for one. Any suggestions?
I don't have an answer Greg, but I'll be following this thread closely...are you talking about noise when you send audio from the slave SX to the master SX or from the slave SX to a separate 2-track master unit??? because I send tracks from the slave SX to the master SX and from master to slave without any noise issues...and that's running the signal through a slew of rack gear...
how are you running the audio just using adat? I thought you had
to use the Outs on the SX to do that...that shows how much I know!!! :confused:
anyway, I'll just sit quietly, read the replies and hopefully learn...
Like I said wolf I have solved the issue by using xlr's instead. but in answer to your questions, I wasn't sure where it was coming originally. In fact I hat to admit it but I didn't hear it at all, until clients pointed it out. Even then It is such a subtle noise that I had a lot of trouble hearing it.
So it was only with the help of those same clients (apparently with better ears then mine), that we were able to listen to a recorded track on both machines out of all different type of output and realize the noise was only coming out of the Sxle and out the adat but not the analog outs (though we didn't test the other digital outs unfortunately).
I had to replace one of the cards in the machine at one point and its a pretty banged up machine (got it that way). So I am sure this is just an electronics failure of some kind. There probably isn't a fix other then replacing the card that handles the adat signal conversion.
Did you try the main ADAT outs? Some of the ADAT cards did have issues, but if you use the ADAT outs that are part of the mainframe....those should be rock solid.
Thanks Merlin, yes its the main adat's that I use. I believe that there is an electrical issue. I was having loud electrical pops when I first got the machine, and Redbus sold me a new effects card and the problem went away. I think perhaps there are still issues with one of the boards.
The good news is the problem can be avoided. The bad is that I think it may be hard to ever fix the issue.
I never used adat to transfer tracks...can you (or anyone else with 2 SX's) explain how to route a track from one SX to the other using adat? or am I not understanding what you're saying? I always use the physical I/O's on the top of the SX's to do that...
It's just a matter of routing. Left and Right main signals to ADAT outs 1 and 2.....then route the ADAT 1 and 2
Inputs to whatever input channels you wish. Going ADAT gives you the best transfer possible.
thanks Merlin, I really wasn't aware of that...this may seem like a crazy question, but can I route the signal from SX-1 A through my rack gear and then into SX-1 B using adat?
If your rackmounts are ADAT i/o equipped...I don't see why not. Make sure everything is clocking the same...or you'll get clicks and pops all day long.
I have 17 outboard units and not a single one of them has adat I/O's...I'm not sure I've ever seen any outboard gear that does...I also have a vintage Teac and 2 Otari MX-5050 R-2-R's, as well as other gear and none of them have adat either...
oh well...that must be only in the digital realm...
btw, I have my 2 SX's synced/linked with one adat cable, is that correct procedure?
I'm not sure that they link with only an ADAT cable....I think you need to have the word clock cable as well.
I have them linked with one adat cable and one TS cable going from the Master LTC OUT to the slave TIME CODE IN...I'm not sure why, but I believe that's the way to do seems to work fine, although I do get "Error Messages" on both machines...please tell me if these are the wrong connections...
Haven't been here in awhile. But yes Wolf you can route your Adats out to anything you want. Then from those things into the other machine. Any time you have ins and outs available then you can send signal to them with the Sx's routing capabilities.
Oh didn't see page two on my iPhones little screen. Anyway yes Adats to adats unless you can find some kind if digital too analog adapter.

I too had one Adat connecting the two Sx's and one Tr from clock out to click in..
Now because of the noise through my adat, I have the R/L summed signal from the slave coming out two Xlr's then into the master bypassing the pres. Still use a Tr connecting the clocks which works perfect from my experience.

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