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Hello folks, greetings from Brazil!
This week I installed the SNAFU LED display bought at the reverb.com store, I have 2seemy installed, when I turned on the TASCAM the new LED display, it showed these vertical lines on the right side, what could have gone wrong? The old display was completely useless, as shown in the second picture. Thank you.


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Hi Woodfinger!

Congrats on the new display. It may be that one of your ribbon cables is damaged, or that the cables aren’t properly and fully inserted. It may also be that you have a defective (new) display.

If the screen looks fine on the 2seemy VGA out, you know the problem is likely happening after its internal board.

I would inspect everything, carefully reconnect it, and see if it improves. Since both the new screen and the old screen are showing a similar problem (vertical line on the right side) there may be a problem u still need to fix in the connection somewhere.

Good luck! Hope to hear some good news.
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Hi Mixerizer!

I did the process 4 times! same results, 2seemy is working fine on external monitor.
The most strange, is the the resolution does not look like a "led" display.

Thank you!
I think you need a replacement replacement - good luck and I would look for replacement ribbon cables if that doesn’t work. If it were something more serious I don’t think u would see a partial display - to me that looks like a connection or broken internal stuff in the display.
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He’s still selling on Reverb, as username SNAFU, it appears. Keep us posted!

Just to avoid confusion - I already got a message on this behalf: I am not that snafu on Reverb, nor am I related, married to or otherwise connected to the Reverb snafu :)

To add some info: I got my display from Steven, without any hustle, and with in depth explanation via textmessages (!) at the time of installation!
The display is awesome - I have also 2SeeMee (which obviously is also discontinued?), which works great with a secondary display. Unfortunately the software does not run on my system.
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I had the same experience - so far my replacement screen is doing fine. Woodfinger, can you get a replacement screen and try again?
2seeMy still available.
Funny thing - I was just looking for it the other day, out of curiosity, since I was notified about this old forum thread.

In addition to the replacement screen, 2SeeMy really added some value to the whole assembly in my studio. I have a second screen attachted to the VGA connector, so I am free to position this screen at will, and still can have look at my parameters.

One thing I never got to run propperly is the software though. Which is a real bummer, because I have to manually scribble notes (or store different profiles, which is a bit overkill for small miniscuel changes) to have a recall on settings. I also frequently sketch out helper files, so that I may remember certain setups I only use occasionally. This is where the software with it's capability of making screenshots could shine - but it does not, at least on my system.

I'm on Win 10 Pro, 64 bit. I tried to run the .exe in modes of legacy windows versions (7, 8, Vista, even XP), but to no avail.

On my 2012 laptop on the other hand, the software does work (Windows 7. 32 bit). I'm rather curious if someone has a solution to this. But sorry - I got carried away :)
@snafu Are you referring to the 2seemy software or the screen capture capabilities of Tascam's TM Companion?
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@Peter Batah The 2Seemy software. But I messed up a bit - the software has NO screen capturing functionality, but since it is on your PC screen you COULD make screen shots. Sorry for the confusion.

I went down the rabbit hole of drivers, in hopes it would at least show me anything on screen, but...as I said: rabbit hole. As soon as I plug the USB cable of the 2Seemy in my PC it says "unknown usb device", and is marked with an warning sign (yellow sign with exclamation mark) in the device manager.
I have a Luxdisplay available, $150. free shipping in USA. I also have many DM 3200 parts for sale.
I am located in N.Y.
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Lux display sold to a new member here. I still have almost a complete set of DM3200 replacement parts; reasonable prices.

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