DM-3200 with Cubase and MU-1000


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Nov 7, 2012
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Hi, i have configured my dm3200 in remote with cubase and all perfect, but when in cubase i assing the out of one track to stereo out for pan the channel, the mu1000 not respond, only respond if assing to mono out of firewire channel but not can pan.
Please can Anyone help me? Thanx a lot
Your question needs more details. You do understand that the mu1000 is a meter-bridge and does not pan anything?
Are you asking why you can't see your track meters in remote mode?
hi.thanx. i know meter bridge not pan anything. yes in remote mode i cant see my tracks in the bridge. thanx
That's a REALLY common question, because it does not work the way you would think. You would think that simply by being in remote mode, your DAW's track levels should automatically show up on the meter bridge, but it doesn't work that way.

I am copy and pasting a previous solution from last month, I hope it helps.

Enabled MU1000 Meterbridge Remote layer

BTW, CaptDan reminded me that you don't actually have to DEselect the option of having the meterbridge-follows-SEL, if you just select the 1-24 layer button on the meter bridge itself.
Sorry for the long reply.
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Thanx a lot, i have read this post time ago, but my english in not so good to undestand all, but finally y will try another time. Thanx for replay!

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