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Nov 14, 2012
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Hi all,
I was wondering has anyone used waves multirack with there dm console and if so what issues have they run into? Also if someone has How did they route the mix bus to multirack?
Multirack can be approached from let's say a ADAT connection. Wich means on those 8 channels there are effects on the external machine.

If those 8 channels are then on 8 busses in the mixer they can be easily accessed.
Allso for spreading across channels you could use AUX routes.

Channel inserts are not obvious.

From the DAW over the IFFWDM
If Channel inserts are a wish I'd use a regular DAW over the firewirecard. And use inserts there. And return on a stereo pair or on busses for let's say drums, bass, guitar, synths and vocals.

The DM3200 has 32 channels return. So that would equal to 16 stereo busses. If you use 8 stereo busses (paired) for DRUMS (2) BASS (2) GUITARS (2) SYNTHS (2) BACKING VOCALS (2) LEAD VOCALS (2) EFX (2) EFX2 (2) You now have 16 channels in use for balancing and mixing. The EFX and EFX2 are for plate and hall and for short fx like slapback echo or pingpong.

You now have 16 channels left Wich can be used for internal routing. Let's say you wanna create magic. You have a Lexicon PCM reverb in your DAW. To get that inserted in the desk you need 2 channels send and two channels return... And then those return channels in the desk allso get routed to BUS EFX1. EFX1 allready is fed with a PLATE from the effect 1 of the Tascam. So now you blend the two sources together. If you will add a tape echo emulation from your DAW. you can route it to the same two channels return from the DAW and automate when that is added to the existing EFX1 signal. So it gives it's burst at the right moment in the mix.

So essential. Those 8 stereo returns (I now used one pair of those) give you creative freedom to get loose.

From a second computer using WAVES MULTIRACK

The 8 ADAT signals from the second computer will give access to MULTI RACK and give additional choices... Great to use with effects wich aren't playing nice with your DAW or with resource hungry plugins wich now can work at their lowest latency.

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