DM4800 and Logic 9 transport & timecode


Feb 10, 2013
Gear owned
DM24 DM4800 IF-FWDM2 Logic
Can someone help me configuring DM4800 - Logic.
The routing is done and the transpot is working, although i'm not sure it everything works as it should.
How I dit setup ?

In the midi setup screen in the DM400:
All hostsports on the right are closed.
in the remote screen - machine control: M MC for Logic.
In the remote Screen - Ext.Ctrl 24MC for Logic

In Logic:
Preferences - Control surfaces setup: - Mackie control - Remote port 1 (=USB5 )
Preferences - Control surfaces setup: - Mackie control Extender - Remote port 2 (=USB6 )

In Tascam Mixer Companion: Timecode/transport: MTC in -> Tascam remote port 3
In Logic:
Preferences -midi - Midi project settings - Rransmit Midi clock -> Tascam Remote port3.
en Midi Time Code (MTC) - Transmit MTC ook naar Tascam Remote port 3

Hope someone can help me
Kees van Loon
What's the exact problem? Is the unit working and communicating with logic or are there other issues?

I had a few issues that the logic 9 forums were able to sheed light on. Not to bad when you have a logic problem but will try to help if you can tell us what's happening.
Hi Gary,
Rew-F Fwd-Stop-play is working.
Timecode display is not.
I suppose MTC has to be sent from Logoc -> DM4800 ( USB3 MTC )
correct me if i'm wrong
I'm not actually sure. I don't use timecode as I don't really need it. I would think you would send it from logic unless you have another source generating timecode. I would search this on the logic forum also as there are some tascam DM related issues listed on there.

Here is a link:

I will try getting my timecode working in the studio this weekend when I'm up there, if I get it going I will let you know the process.
i Gary,
Thanks for the tip.
I found another annoing issue discussed at the logic users group.
When starting to record from the D4800 I wasn't able to stop the recording. cycling through stop-record. Found it there to correct.
Not found the issue for displaying time on the Dm4800, posting it now.
if you want the time code to work, you need to find DM-4800MTC Port it should be listed above the remote ports. the "Remote port 3" is for faders 17-24, to use them you need to add a second Mackie Control Extender and assign remote port 3 there.
the port is now connected to the DM 4800MTC port, but no MTC is displayed on the Tascam.
any suggestions ?
In the automation screen make sure you have "mtc (usb) enabled if you are using usb or (midi in) if you are using midi, also make sure your frame rate is set the same as logic pro or you will have issues.
On DM4800 - automation in the bottom of the screen:
MTC (USB) is set and frame type 25 ( but automation is off)
In logic: framerate = 25
Is that ok ?
That should work just fine, your time code display should be working now.
Hi gualterino, it stil does not work. Also, i noticed that TMC transport does unexpected things ( fi can't stop after starting transport and TMC doesn't display timecode.
Hi guys,
Finaly I succeeded,
How I did it ?
I did a factory reset and then configured everything again.
Now MTC is displayed although all te relevant settings were the same. Strange behavior.
The only thing that is not working correct yet is TMC. No MTC displayed there and transport control not working as it should be.
MTC is not a big issue but its strange and should work I guess
Thanks a lot for all your suggestions
It seems that TMC is impossible to use while the DAW is resident. In your case, this means that the TMC's transport, timecode and file functions are disabled when Logic is running.

I've never been able to load TMC on my Win/7 machine when either Cubase or Protools is resident. There's no problem opening TMC at any other time, however. This isn't a problem for me, but I can see where it would be for other users.

I think there's a solution - but it amounts to 'training' the computer (Mac/PC) to know when NOT to hijack TMC's USB#1 port. I've tried all sorts of things, but have failed so far. Maybe someone knows a bulletproof answer, but it isn't me. :(

Is it normal that the Timedisplay on the Tascam is not updated on FFWD and REW ?
And that it is even not showing the actual time code after hitting the stopbutton ?
I also have a DM24 -> Mackie Adat recorder hardwired via MIDI and sync cable and that works well ( not while FF and REW but it is updated with the acrual position )
Can't answer that one. Perhaps, since your DM24 is synced to the ADAT machine, all communications between devices are rock solid. But, the DM consoles communicate via USB, and I think that's a more problematic format.

denkees said:
Is it normal that the Timedisplay on the Tascam is not updated on FFWD and REW ?
Yes ... because your DAW is not sending timecode during the process.
denkees said:
And that it is even not showing the actual time code after hitting the stopbutton ?
Yes again. This time because like in all synced systems there is 'Flywheel' in DM which keeps timecode running for a while after stopping. This is to prevent problems when sync is dropped for a short period. Smart thing for DM to do would be to go back to last time code received, whenever the 'flywheel' function gives up, but obviously it doesn't.
denkees said:
I also have a DM24 -> Mackie Adat recorder hardwired via MIDI and sync cable and that works well ( not while FF and REW but it is updated with the acrual position )
This must be because your Mackie unit is smart and sends the timecode at the right time to keep everything in sync. (Wondering why every DAW manufacturer hasn't implemented this simple feature.)
I just checked to make sure and TMC timecard/transport does indeed work with logic running. Just make sure you have the port set in the timecode drop down menu. but don't use the TMC transport it causes some strange behavior in logic , triggering from the dm-4800 works fine. Gary, automation does not have to be turned off for it to work with logic. hope this helps
Hi again all,

I still seem to be having trouble getting my time code working as well.

Do I need tascam mixer companion installed. I found it to be buggy so never reinstalled it after a whole system reset?

Is there a step by step guide to getting the timecode working, as I am new-ish to setting up timecode and using it.

I have automation working on faders 1 to 24 on ports 1, 2, and 3.

I add another extender (4) then change that to mtc in out right?

Then it's the sinc settings in logic that are confusing me really? Any suggestions?

Thanks again


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