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Feb 11, 2013
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Hi everyone,
I have a Dp-008 and have a few problems with it.
The first is it has extreme self noise. I plug in headphones and the unti itself is plugged into its power supply. I turn on a track and there is extreme air noise. I record the track and the same noise shows up in the recording. I don't recall it being this noisy in the past.

I'm using a shure pg81 (cardoid) to record my acoustic guitar and it has a bit of its own noise level which is why I back tracking to dp-008 itself.

The other problem is that the line levels are extremely low. I am 3 inches away from the microphone and can barely get a line level (even when recording on high) . I would prefer to record on low. If I record on mid or high the air noise makes the recording useless.

I do have an Art tube mp and that helps but adds to the noise and isn't the sound I want for my acoustic guitar.

Help. Is there something wrong with my tascam or is it 'normal' or ??

C. Lynne

Hey there,
I realize this is a pretty dated forum but I've been having the same issue with my DP008. It emits really loud feedback even when listening to the demo. Did you ever manage to figure out what was causing this? I've been thinking of returning mine.

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