DP 32 sd: no CD burner. I'm Confused

Craig Baron

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Dec 5, 2014
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If there is no burner then how would I make a burned CD copy of a song that I recorded using this unit?
I made the same mistake on the DP-32 SD and decided it was worth the extra cash to buy the DP-32 with the CD burner. You should be able to upload the finished song into your comuter and burn a CD from there.
Buy the mini USB cable separately Craig, as I learned this week.
They discontinued the DP-24 and DP-32 and replaced them with the DP-32SD. In addition to losing the CD burner, the SD also lacks MIDI (don't care about the CD, but MIDI is huge issue for me). I was lucky enough to score one of the last DP-32s for $550 and also the $50 rebate, so it was the same price. :)

But to the point: Are people really still using CDs today??
I still buy CD's. Just ordered the new Steven Wilson, and recently purchased the new Marco Minnemann. I like physical copies so I can read liner notes and look at artwork. I have never downloaded any music. Cranking up an mp3 over some real speakers just does not appeal to me.

I still mix our original tunes to CD (a stand-alone CD burner) so we can distribute it to friends.
CDs beat out any compressed MP3 files any day of the year, plus the CD is the physical copy that is available to make a mp3; guess what will happen in a few years when the market will think CDs are cool just like the return of vinyl. But when you understand the science of recorded sound, you will then know what you are missing. CDs live forever
Oh FFS. I never said MP3 are better than CDs so please don't put words in my mouth. Also, please don't talk to me like I'm an idiot. I fully understand the science of recorded sound, but I am wondering if you do.

If you did you would know it is possible to listen to uncompressed music without burning a CD (and in formats with higher bit rates than a CD). You would also realize that CD's are just as susceptible to damage as any other format.. they do not "live forever". Not even close. I have been using CD's since they came out in the 80s, so I know full well that I am not missing anything except a pain in the ass of handling them.
man, it sounded like I was offensive, didn't mean it mean to be so personal. Enjoy what you have.
most any computer can burn an audio CD to its 16 bit 44.1khz standard so that you can enjoy the music you created at 24 bit 48khz, with all the CD's inferiority.
its a USB connection away.
If anyone can post here complaining about it, odds are they really didn't need the CD burner feature to begin with.

Now the MIDI gripe ..... that just might have some real legs
My take: Tascam probably figures that CDs are dead tech. Yes I realize some people still use them, but let's face it: most people are consuming music on their phones via streaming or stored MP3. And as stated by VB, its easy and cheap enough to burn a CD if you need that feature. So there's an area to save some money.

As for the MIDI: The target market for the DP-32 seems to be guitar based singer /songwriters or full bands. Tascam probably figures most electronic musicians who use MIDI are using computer based DAWs and not the DP-32. So eliminating the MIDI port is another way to save some money.
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Yeah, but it really f--ks you over if you want to sync to your drum machine or link two units together. So even non-keyboardists might need midi just to run their gear the way they want. I have the Neo, and I thought about upgrading, but the killing off of the midi ports stomps out that notion. I heard there was something else left off the DP's, something really necessary like solo/mute. I consider the 2488 Neo a serious machine, and I've done a lot of great projects on it; sometimes I export to DAW and back for something or other, but I primarily do all my recording on the Neo. I get scoffed at sometimes on certain forums because of that, but I'm no Luddite,, believe me; I built pc's for a living during the reign of the 286 and on up through the Pentium 3's. I understand software and I understand DAW's but I HATE working on them. I have a lot of analog outboard gear that I use and the Neo works great with all of it. I'm surprised they didn't also eliminate the external sends. Maybe the next version
Do need Midi and don't mind having an on-board CD burner. Found a DP-32 for $350 and digging the new features. Now if I can just get files off the 2488neo without blowing my brains out, I'm all set.
The 1980 "Red Book" set the standard for CD audio, which is 16 bit, 44.1KHz. More information can be found here, but the point is whether you commit to CD on the DP or transfer your final mix to a computer and burn from there, it will need to conform to that 16 bit standard to play across the board on a CD deck. My workflow has always been to do all mixing and mastering at 24 bit to maintain the best quality I can, and not dither down to 16 bit until the final step of burning to CD.
I need to replace my CD Burner (since I still burn my original tunes to cd's also).
Can anyone recommend a rock solid cd burner that I can USB to my computer ?
Any help appreciated!
Hi everybody. I really want a Tascam DP-32 and have found one with midi and the CD burner. Is it worth $500 to buy it? I use a DAW but I find I am mixing with my eyes. I want to get away from that. Any opinions or feedback would be great!
I have the first-generation DP24. I've never used the CD deck (never even opened it) but use midi all the time. So if my unit died, I would look for another (probably the '32 as I believe the stereo tracks can be reconfigured as mono, which would be useful).

Whether $500 is a fair price, I can't say. A search on eBay etc should tell you. And the unit will be quite old so may have or develop some glitches (like less responsive buttons, which usually respond well to a spray of DeOxit). I'd certainly ask about that. I'm not aware of major problems being widespread with these machines however, they seem well built and Tascam continue to support them.

On the other hand, if midi doesn't matter at all I wouldn't bother. Or if it's only an occasional thing, then there are workarounds for the XXSD models.

The CD seems a complete red herring. The cheapest laptop and CD burner will allow you to rip and burn files, if you don't have those already.
I paid 300 Euros for a used DP-32 in 2018. It was in the Netherlands and I paid the shipping. 500 USD is more than I would pay.

One thing that I do like is that the machine can very easily rip CDs and create wav files for individual songs. It's also convenient, because you can immediately gauge your work next to your favorite artist on CD.
Does the DP-32SD provide bus power over USB for an external CD Burner? Or do I need to make sure to buy a CDR with a PSA?
Does the DP-32SD provide bus power over USB for an external CD Burner?


I'm pretty sure most folks burn their .wav files to CD using a PC/MAC/laptop. I still own two high quality rack mount CD burners but haven't powered them up in years.
I haven't burned a music CD in this century. I make 24 bit wav files and copy them to my phone. Virtually any PC with an optical drive can burn one.
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