Dual US-1800's, ASIO4ALL & FL Studio


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Jun 2, 2013
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Has anyone tried to use two Tascam US-1800's with ASIO4ALL in any DAW? I know Tascam says that the US-1800 can only be used as a single unit in any setup, but, it is claimed that ASIO4ALL can utilise multiple devices. In the case of the US-1800 because it is USB 2.0 it is suggested that issues such as timing etc are not and issue due to the ability of USB ports to sort out timing problems between each other.

FL Studio vs 11.02 has a specific section in the online manual dealing with multiple sound cards/devices and claims the DAW can cope. I have several Rack Synths which will total more than the current inputs a US-1800 can handle. I don't want to use mixers etc prior to the US-1800 inputs. I can use a DI box post signal for monitoring i.e. Speakers, Sub, Headphones. So I have the budget for two US-1800's but I don't want to make and expensive mistake. I also want to contain most of the kit within my current Rack system.

Any help or views would be welcome and of course any experience with similar Tascam kit.

Sorry I should have included that I am using Windows 7 x64, an AMD FX-8320 and 32GB RAM, DVD-RW, BRD-RW, 3 x HDD @ !TB each plus 1 x 3TB HDD for backup, dual 27" Monitors Nvidia GT630@2GB. I use a lot of VST's for instruments and effects thus the amount of RAM.
as far as ive read, only one usb interface may be used at a time on any given computer. i've read, however, this is not the case for firewire interfaces which allow you to daisychain them to add more i/o. hope this helps.
I too would love to know if this can be done. I am wondering if it is worth buying another US-1800, just on the off chance that ASIO4All can do it.

I thought of another way tho...

if I used VirtualBox with multiple Virtual Machines running, each machine having a us-1800 'wired' to it, and each VM would have its own DAW running. The only issue then would be synchronization. If there is enough horsepower on the host machine, then you could theoretically scale up to any size channels.


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