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Arjan P

Oct 2, 2012
Gear owned
After browsing the forum a bit, I have two things I notice:

1 The font used for message content is rather small, also compared to signature font for instance. Maybe this can be increased in size? I couldn't find an option to change it individually - I'm on a small netbook lots of times..

2 There is no forum structure visible on top of the page, which can be very handy to navigate back. Maybe it's possible to add something like that? I mean something like this: "Main Index > About Tascam Forums > Forum suggestions"

Thanks for checking into this!
Both are easy to implement and on the list of things to do. Thank you for the feedback!
I was going to upload the files I'd saved from the old board but found that .pdf s aren't allowed as attachments. While .rar may be useful to some, others may not have the software to open those files. Most of the stuff I saved from the old board is in .pdf format. It's pretty much universal these days. Any chance of enabling that format?

Next question, what is the file size limit? I had no problems with Double's Guide, but the owner's manuals seem to time out during upload. They're a lot larger than the guide.

It's set at 2MB right now. If you anticipate uploading files much bigger than that, we might need an off-site hosting solution for those.
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. The owners manuals are about 10Mb each. Probably a link to the source would be better for stuff like that. I assume they're still obtainable from the Tascam site.

You're doing a great job here. We all appreciate the effort.

Per Arjan P's suggestion, I have added navigational "breadcrumbs" to forum and topic views.


Should make it a bit easier to browse the forum!
There is a limit to 3 files per posting, could we temporarily at least allow say about 15 so I can dump all my archived DM4800 technotes/setup/pinout files etc into one place? A lot less clutter and more user friendly, and we can always go back say in a month to fewer files at a shot if this is a security concern.
And is there nothing we can do about the file size problem? The DM4800 Manual is over 5MB, 2 MB is really kind of small these days, even for a lot of mp3's.
We can increase the file limit per post, but it would be better to host bigger files off site to prevent bandwidth usage from getting out of control. There's dropbox and many other solutions that can be used for MP3s etc.
Here's a suggestion:

Can someone consolidate the growing list of DM3200/4800 documents, each with its own thread, all of which are pinned to the top of the forum? It won't be long before the entire first page of that forum is nothing but pinned threads.
How true, Jim! We need "Documents" sub-forums. Weren't there those in The Old Forum?
Yep, the subforum "DM-3200 and DM-4800 Manuals, documentation, modifications, polls, and other righteous info."
DJ X said:
Per Arjan P's suggestion, I have added navigational "breadcrumbs" to forum and topic views.

Should make it a bit easier to browse the forum!
Thanks DJ, it does!

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