FW 1082 on Mac OSX 10.7 or higher


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Mar 29, 2014
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FW 1082
Hello all. I have the FW 1082 and it worked fine on 10.6 Then much like everyone else, newer OS upgrades and it stopped working. The guy at sweetwater said they are no longer supported because of the separation between control surface and audio interface in the newer technologies. He said that companies separated these so that as input and outputs get better, quieter, it no longer makes sense to have to upgrade a control surface for this. As a result, everyone has stopped for the most part supporting the all in one controller/audio interface.

So I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 for my audio interface. But what I would really like is to be able to use my 1082 as a control surface in logic so that it is not just a paper weight. Right now there is no hope in getting sound in and out of this device for me but I can't seem to get logic to even see it as a midi control surface. I have clicked learn mode, the FW device is plugged in and in MAC about mac it shows a undefined device plugged in but no signal shows as I interact with the mixer.

If there are any suggestions on how I can get this to work soley as a control surface with my mac ( osx 10.8 running logic 9 )

Thank you for any help and your time.
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Hi, just bumping this as I would like to do the same ... assuming I can get the high pitch whistle to disappear from my desk!
great idea... can't you control the Tascam via midi?

i have a FW-1884 that is a doorstop now... I also just bought a Focusrite box (Safire Pro 24 DSP version)

this Focusrite has ADAT ins so can I plug the 8 mic pre's from Tascam into the Focusrite box too?
there's a thread about the driver where this is discussed. Best solution: use a windows machine or an older mac as a gateway/bridge and connect the tascam to it, then use network midi to access it in osx 10.8 etc

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