Duncan Roe

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Sep 13, 2014
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Tascam Porta 02 II
Hi everyone, just a brief introduction and then I will post my question in the proper area!!

I am a guitarist and violinist (amateur) and enjoy all things tape related. I have a couple of old reel to reel machines as well as some cassette decks. My latest piece of equipment is an old Porta 02 which has an issue!!

I have an addiction to musical instruments and if I see one at a good price I can't help but buy it. An example of this disease is a Cornet that I bought at an auction, cost me 25 quid and I cant even play brass! I think my step daughter may make use of this though as she managed three notes out of it and has the opportunity to take lessons through school. We'll see.

Anyway, thanks for having me.
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Hi Duncan, welcome to the forum!

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