Has anyone had their board serviced by Tascam How did it go

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    I've come to the point with an issue on my board (DM4800) that I need to consider having it serviced. I'm the Los Angeles area and their Buena Park service center (Tap Electronics) is about 40 minutes away. I've reached out to them to try to get some information about the process. I'd like to find out if they're doing component level repair or just installing a whole new board for where the problem exists. I know these boards are out of production so I'm sure spares are slim to non-existent.

    Considering my mixer as the center of all my routing, it's a big deal to remove it. I have a DM3200 I could swap in and limp along with for awhile but I would definitely be up against some limitations. Even worse is that I might have to give them my Motu interface to be able to test the problem. Then I'd be totally shut down.
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    Tap is a board swapper. They wanted $400 to swap out the LCD display. $150 part retail- their cost $87- and 15 minutes work. $1600 to fix a DA-88. Owner brought it to me. $120 to do routine maintenance.