Hello from Antwerp (B) - adore Tascam products

Jan 23, 2015
Gear owned
2xDA3000, DP24, DM320, ..
Hello to all of you,

I was already reading many of these posts until I decided to sign in. For 2 years I own a DP24 and love to work with it. I mainly record small orchestras and brass ensembles. From the recorded music, I'm (trying) to make decent mixes and master it for cd production.

Just recently, I decided to take it up to a higher level and purchased the DA3000 and just last week, ...the wonderful DM3200. I really love this machine, so want to dive into it to learn its features.
I 'd like to hook it up to my DAW Cubase and this week, I' m getting the FW card (apparantly one of the last availables...). :D
So hopefully I can find back all the necessary info I need in this nice forum to set up my system properly.

All the best,

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