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Dec 27, 2014
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Tasdcam DP-008EX
I am a retired RN and I love to plink about with my guitar and to do some personal music when the feeling hits me. I had a Tascam unit back in the late 80's, but I don't recall the model number. It was promoted by BBKing at the time. I just got my DP-008EX, but I am having trouble in following the directions for the thing. My vision is not all that great these days and the owner's manual is not well lain out in my opinion. I was trying to find threads about my unit, but I am not used to the forum just yet and I guess I am somehow missing the search at this site. I need to read through the posts here anyway, so that is a start for me.

I was a drummer for a teas rock band back in the 60's, but long ago developed problems with my right arm that kept me off the drums. Have not touched a trap set since the early 90's. I had a Gretch set when I played. Now days I am just playing with my various instruments and having simplistic fun in just entertaining myself.

Not sure if this site allows links or not, but if this loads, this is an older song in the style I like. My dogs enjoyed it as we rode about town in my sidecar rig.

I hope to find some useful info for my Tascam unit here and to enjoy the site and members.
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