How to jam sync with HS-8?

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    Jul 2015
    HS-8 HD recorder

    I have been brought on to record audio for a comedy event and am having to integrate with a video team. My HD recorder is a Tascam HS-8 which can generate SMPTE, a clock the video team wants to use. Honestly, I have little clocking experience outside of slaving audio components together and I am hoping someone here can steer me towards a tutorial on how to use my machine to "jam sync" with the video team. So far all my searches results have been too vague.

    This is the last communication I had with the video director:

    We can bring the cameras to you to jam them at the beginning of the night and keep them on for the duration. They won't be and dont need to be plugged into eachother to maintain TC. Once theyre jammed, so long as they dont get turned off, they will maintain TC.

    Can I set up my machine to start generating the TC even though I won't be recording yet? The manual does not explain this (so far as I could tell), it merely says that it offers these different sync options. Any help on the subject would be very appreciated.

    Thank you