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    Sep 2018
    tascam dr-05
    Hi All, new to this forum/site, but it looks full of knowledgeable people so hopefully I've arrived at the right place for my query. I have owned a Tascam DR-05 for a few years, a great bit of kit to record good sound for my videography. I am filming a wedding soon and need to record speeches etc. I have a Rode videomic (shotgun style) which I normally attach to my camera to get audio straight in. I need better quality and would like to use my Tascam to record as a higher quality wav file than the cam would get. I have 2 options as i see: 1) set up the Rode into the mic/ext in socket and place it front of the speakers, or 2) take a line out from the PA desk into the Tascam mic/ext in socket. I'm no audio engineer, but just need a good clear recording of the speeches. Which method would result in a better recording? a line out from the desk or Rode mic straight into the Tascam? thanks.