I admit defeat: how do I update firmware for IF-FW/DMkii Mac


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Jan 30, 2014
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DM 3200
So I obviously own something beyond my skill set, I own it now and I need to figure it out.

I have downloaded the new driver but I can't figure out how to update the card. I have a DM3200 and I'm using a Mac and Logic Pro.

Could someone in simple terms post for myself and all noobs a step by step of how to update the driver firmware ?

Please thank you and everything nice!

BTW I have tried to search the forum... Maybe I can't even do a search properly.
So I'm a knucklehead and I keep looking at firmware on my board so I actually have updated the firmware but not my board
There is firmware for the IF FW/DM MK II card (v1.10) which it sounds like you already upgraded it (I think.. I can't tell 100% from your posts) and then there is the firmware for the actually DM3200 itself which is version 1.70. I think it's the same for the MAC but you update the DM3200 firmware in Windows using the TMC Companion software. Download the DM3200 firmware and use the TMC software to upgrade it.
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