IF-FW/DMMKII beta drivers for DM3200/DM4800


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Feb 3, 2013
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I'm sending both beta versions. I use the 172407 release zip but both worked well for me. Happy Mixing!


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  • IFFWDMmkII_Setup_172407_Release.zip
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SWEEET!! Here are new windows drivers. Here are the Mac drivers. They apparently work with the Maverick OS as well


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I wasn't aware of several betas being out there.. My latest is 156663. Does anyone know what the deal is?

BTW, for those wondering: these are all .exe files, so Windows drivers.
These Drivers work GREAT with Windows 8.1. Using the HUI Setup with Presonus and removing the "Keep" and Automation Multi in the Automation Preferences gives me a Flawless Sync both ways. Finally it works Flawless as a controller and with the 32 Channel Card at 96 and 48, THANKS TASCAM!

I've had this thing for 3 years and just this month with your Help I totally get it!
I tried 130F3 and F4 when working through my issues with Redbus. F4 didn't work as well as F3 did with my firewire card. Actually F3 works perfectly for me. If F5 is based on F4 then I might be stuck with F3. I will try F5 this week and report.
Ah, thanks. So I'm guessing 156663 is 1.30F3 - 165078 is 1.30F4 and 172407 is 1.30F5? I'll stay with 156663 - if it ain't broke, etc...
Actually it is F1 that I am using.

156663 is F1
165078 is F4
1722407 is F5
Okay, thanks!
If you are beta testing the drivers and are still seeing problems, please grab the logging tool that is now on the beta page. Email me the log with details of what FireWire chipset and CPU you are on. I'm still working on other parts of the new driver, so there will be another version coming.

I was about to post a new thread with IFFW-MKII issues but will just post them here.

Where is the Beta page? Here on this site?

Not in front my system at the moment to get a log file, but I have been noting with 10.9.3 that I can no longer assign MKII driver CoreAudio to use any other outputs other than 1+2 even though another pair of outputs is selected. Aways outputs to 1+2 only.

Also noting that sometimes no audio output or meter activity when using iTunes. Not always, but a few times I have seen Audio/MIDI show the MKII driver but no I/O options listed when this happens.

There have also been a few times when using Nuendo v6.5.3 where it is assigned the MKII driver, but no I/O options are listed and no audio or meters on the DM-4800, but Nuendo still plays and shows it's meters like nothing is wrong.

DM-4800 boot and/or Mac reboot usually recovers these issues except the output 1&2 issue.


IFFWDMmkII 165078, MacBook Air - 10.9.3, SR=44.1k, Sonnet FW800 PCIe card via Magma Thunderbolt chassis along with 2-UAD OCTO PCIe cards using UAD v7.7.0, Nuendo 6.5.3 & Lacie 1TB Thunderbolt HD.
So is this new behaviour in 10.9.3 that was OK in 10.9.2?
Apple did put a couple of audio tweaks in 10.9.3

People with Mac audio problems need to test with 1.30f6 as well - the buffer sizes were tweaked in that version. With a great performing machine, 1.30f5 maybe OK, but the final release will not be related to 1.30f4
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So is this new behaviour in 10.9.3 that was OK in 10.9.2?
Apple did put a couple of audio tweaks in 10.9.3

I knew you were going to ask that and I don't recall exactly when it broke, but I do seem to remember that it was ok in 10.9.1 as well as one of the first 10.9.2 Beta's, and I believe it also was working in an early 10.9.3 Beta but not 100% sure as I was doing a lot of UAD Apollo Twin testing at the time and not using the DM-4800 MKII driver. I may still have a 10.9.1 or 10.9.2 external partition that could be tested when I have the time after the upcoming holiday.

In the mean time I can update to the F5 driver and see if it happens there when I have a chance.

From what I know there were several USB/FW800 audio tweaks to 10.9.2 Beta cycle but was not completed before they were forced to release for security issues and 10.9.3 was meant to be the release vehicle for final USB/FW800 audio issues.
FYI: Last night I installed the F6 driver (10.9.3) and noted that the CoreAudio output assignment limitation issue still remains.
V1.30f8 is up on the beta page for Windows only. No internal changes, just new features in the Control Panel - DPC latency measurement is now built in, and a button checks your system info for support purposes.
Here is some good news (at least for me). Installed 10.9.4 Beta that was released today on a fresh external partition with F6 driver and I can now assign any pair of outputs in iTunes. Will be doing some Nuendo 6.5 testing with it latter this week.
Have been noting that on each Mac power up Audio/MIDI displays no I/O for DM driver. Reboot corrects issue. MacBook 4,2 - 10.9.3 - F6 driver.


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Ok guys. I deeply and humbly apologize in advance. I'm sort of a new Mac user and Pro Tools user…along with the DM-4800. Shortly after getting this set-up I discovered I'm way, way over my head. Took me months but at least I'm now able to record/mix with this system. Frankly, 99% (or more) of what's being discussed on this page terrifies me. I've got a system that works now but I'm at 10.8.5 OS and ver. 10.3.5 in Pro Tools. MacMini (16g). How do I upgrade the FW card driver? Once I'm able to upgrade drivers to the FW (it's now at 1.22 (147975)…I can then get the latest Mac OS (Yes/No?). I'm now at the point I have to have a more current OS to download video editing software that I'm interested in. I hope that someone out there has the patience to provide a map of what to do and/or how to do it. I see BMANPRO & TACMAN have provided beta driver links above. Thanks much. ds
Everybody's needs, desires, workflow and requirements can be different so I'll offer some general advice.

One of the first rules of keeping a stable rig is that once you have done all that needs to be done to get a stable setup that is working well for you, don't mess with it. I repeat - Don't mess with it. It's that simple.

In fact if you are doing audio for more than a hobby, you should have a near complete duplicate setup so you work doesn't come to complete halt if thing goes awry as it certainly will at some point for a variety of reasons. So many users foolishly rely and expect a single computer do everything including running it do your audio (or video) business work and then end up crying and cursing having to spend unplanned money and valuable time in an attempt to recover from what could easily be avoided. And even then, sometimes you can't fully recover to get back to exactly where you were at even if you load from a complete HD backup.

If you really desire or have the need to play with the new and cutting edge of software (OS, DAW, or Driver), use a separate computer or at least use an external HD to boot off of for a different OS version until you are quite sure it will work out for you.

In regards to Mavericks of any version, it is commonly agreed among the upper pro audio world that it is not yet mature enough to rely on if you are not also willing to accept and participate in the growing pains that go with it. In fact, it may never get to the point of being mature or bug fixed for audio as come this Monday, it is expected that Apple will announce OSX 10.10 that may again jack up things and require audio software developers to jump through new hoops in attempting to obtain audio production stability.

In addition to recording, mixing and producing, I also live, play and work in pro audio product development so I am forced into Alpha, Beta as well as released versions of OS, Drivers, Firmware and DAW's but my main recording rig is separate with a backup clone that sits in the closet, and yet another backup that is locked with older software that can be used at any time if required and also serves as solid way to load or recall old projects if necessary.

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