IF-FW/DMMKII is fried!


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Sep 27, 2012
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So I was in the middle of a tracking session today and went behind my DM4800 to move an XLR cable. While I was there I knocked the firewire cable out of the IF-FWDMMKII card.

I pushed it back in but the driver didn't reconnect. Then I realised the firewire cable was in upside down! I didn't think this was possible due to the shape but on my card the cable can go in upside down with no extra force.

Now with the cable the right way up I still can't connect. The digital screen on the DM4800 says "Driver offline" when the cable is attached. (Card firmware is 1.10, using Slot 1)

Luckily I had another interface so I could limp through the rest of the session.

I've taken the card out and there's no obvious signs of singed chips/burning electric smell. But I assume it's fried?

Does anyone have any ideas on getting it going again? My next clients are in on Tuesday!
Or does anyone in the UK have one they want to sell!? I could collect anywhere near the M4/London tomorrow.
Have you tried another cable? Could be that's what's broken. Always a good idea to alleviate the least expensive potential in the chain before forking out more - what is it these days - Euros? :)

Tried another cable with the same result sadly. I've got another PCI firewire card I'll try tomorrow, although I suspect that's not the problem as my other interface worked fine through it.
We're still using pounds sterling here, and it looks like I'll be sending a big pile of them to someone as soon as I can track down a new card!
Contact TEAC UK, they should be able to point you to a local service center to repair the card if it is just the connector that is broken. You'd only be out the cost of one way postage to get a quote.

Thanks, I did contact TEAC UK, and Jo from the support team sorted me out with a new card for a reasonable price which I collected this morning.
It's now in the desk and I'm up and running again. Very impressed with the support!

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