Is it true that the TM-D4000 Automation software only works on Win 98?


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Oct 17, 2014
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New to the Forum and have a TM-D4000. Is it true that the Automation software only works on Win 98, SE or ME? I see the software files are on the Forum for download. Also, are there any options for using a PCI-based MOXA RS-422 card (CP-132) rather than the original ISA-based card (the MOXA CI-132). I don't have an ISA-bus PC anymore and would hate to have to buy one just for the Automation feature...
PCI based Moxa card should work OK, I think we switched over to them at the end. As long as the card came with drivers, you should be OK. And yes, the app only works on Windows 98/SE/ME.
Moxa provided a library for apps to talk to their cards, that was radically changed for Windows XP, and wasn't available until way after we stopped making the mixers.

Hi , I am new user of this beatiful machine ,I recently rescue it and I want to use under cubase using the automation software , the question is , is able to use it with a MOXA CP 114 ?
Many thanks in advance .
CP114 should work OK, but we never had one for testing. You'd need to make a custom cable for it though.
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Hi many thanks for your fast response ....and how must be done ?
I need and answer about this custom cable , please.

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