MacBook Pro hard drive suggestions?


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May 8, 2014
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normally I use my ancient Mac Pro quad cpu tower for recording music... but it is so old that i can't use the last couple version of Logic and now my much loved Tascam FW-1884 appears to have died and/or haven't been upgraded by tascam to 64bit versions and it is no longer working...

so, i've been forced to continue recording on my MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012 version (current model of non retina screen machines) which i have just upgraded to 16gb ram

i have been recording some new songs on it using the stock 500gb 5400rpm drive and Logic...

as i have been only tracking 1 track at a time on projects that end up only having 10 or 12 tracks so far i haven't run into any troubles yet with drive speed (my old mac pro has 7400rpm multiple drive setup)

most music recording machines have

1 drive for system and Logic Pro

1 Drive for recorded/playback audio files

1 drive for samples


as i kinda want the laptop to be semi portable for gigs or taking to other musicians houses i was thinking it might be nice to have everything self contained but i guess as it has 2 USB 3 ports I could have 1 USB port for a fast Audio/sample playback drive?


1. upgrade the stock 500gb drive to 128gb flash memory drive for system and Logic?

2. upgrade stock 500gb drive to 1tb hybrid SSD 8gb drive and 1tb 2.5" 5400rpm HD?

3. remove the superdrive and get mount for either 128gb SSD or 1tb hybrid SSD & HD 5400rpm drive?

4. get an internal 7400rpm 2.5" hard drive for either main drive in laptop or to put in space of the superdrive so that audio can be recorded and played back from it?

to complicate matters I need to replace my now non working Tascam FW-1884 (it won't work on my laptop as no 64bit drivers) with a new audio interface with at last 6 analogue outs for mixing 5.1 surround sound so far tentative choice is the Tascam US-366 and it uses USB so any other external drives would have to be firewire or thunderbolt as i might need the 2nd usb port for a midi instrument as it doesn't have a midi port like audio interfaces used to have, argh!

so i've noticed the new macbook pro 2.5GHz intel core i5 is actually faster than the quad xeon mac pro on some things so maybe it isn't all bad making this switch?
No one can really tell you what's best for you, but I'm curious as to why you are limiting your SSD drive choices to either a 128gb SSD or a 1Tb hybrid. There is a world of choices in between.
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