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Feb 18, 2013
Gear owned
tascam dm4800 ..CD-RWHD1000
Hello to all .. Information-direction towards Setting Up a Master HeadPhone Volume On the DM 4800 is appreciated..
Currently we have Aux 1-2 Linked as Individual - per Channel HeadPhone Vol & Pan ..the Connection chain is AUX 1-2 connected to ASSN. Sends( Routing Menu) connected to OutBoard Amplifier( via Patch Bay) ...
What we need now is a MASTER Volume to control the OverAll individual per channel headphone Cues

thanks in advance

why don't u say to the artist to use the HP amp master pot? or u could use the flip option so to use channels to adjust as many aux at once as your fingers can touch.
thanks to all for the suggestions ..we got this sussed out .
We located the HP Master Volume in the DM Menu's..although it is not labeled as such.
OK..Aux 1-2 are Linked,and per channel 1-24 used in Pan & Individual Volume mode ..
then go to "Layer Status" on right side..Select Aux 1-12 .. you will see 1 & 2 faders Lit..use that as your Master Volume when and as needed and of course,after you have set your Original Cans mix to studio

hope this helps you may already know,you can Flip and use the encoder as your Master Volume..once flipped the 2 faders should show up as Encoders in the channel 9-11 region...then of course select individual Channels desired and use the Encoder on the Left of console for Individual change

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