Migrating to Windows7: TMC sees no mixer


Oct 12, 2012
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Thanks for the replies on my topic "Upgrade Windows 7 question":
I got W7/64 installed on a second PC, next to my old XP system. Upgraded the DM4800 to 1.70, Installed the 1.21 FW driver and copied my Cubase projects. Set the 1394 controller to the 'legacy' version. Installed TMC 1.51. Cubase works fine with the IF-FW/DMmkII.
However: I get the same errors that Hammadejam2013 addressed in his topic from last year:
When I start the TMC the splash screen shows, but after that nothing happens. The TMC process is still running. When I kill the process and restart the TMC, I get the "no compatible mixer found" error message.
When I plug the USB back in my XP setup, everything works fine again.
The TMC shows in Devices and Printers and in the Device Manager. I tried everything I could find in earlier topics. On the DM TMC is set to usb1. I removed all other usb devices. I even de-installed Cubase. I tried different usb ports and cables. No luck :-(
I'm getting really desperate - want to get back to making music-, so I hope someone can provide any help.
Try running TMC as 'Administrator' (right click).

Another option: try running TMC in 'Compatibility Mode.'

Again: load TMC first, open it, then close it before booting up C-base. (Good chance you won't be able to use TMC while Cbase is running, though.)

load TMC first, open it, then close it before booting up C-base. (Good chance you won't be able to use TMC while Cbase is running, though.)
My experience is different: I do open TMC first, but leave it open because I use the meter bridge window while running Cubase. Works fine! Good tip about administrator mode, though.
Since I have a meter bridge, I never really delved into this. But - whether Cubase or Ptools - I've experienced conflicts when TMC is open. Something strange with my PC's USB allocations, likely specific to the motherboard.
I'm sure it's solvable, but I've never been motivated to pursue it. :)

What I have learned about PC's and USB's is quite interesting.

First, always run the TMC first before your DAW. You never need the TASCAM USB 1 in your DAW - which is for the TMC.

Second, if you don't see your TMC in the Device Manager - it's because there are too many USB devices - yes it's possible!! Disconnect a device you aren't really using and your TMC will show up happily.

That's what I know to be true.
I should have mentioned that I have Win7/64 and my TMC is working fine in Cubase 6.07 and PT10/11 based on the information I gave.
Makes sense, Ernie. However, in my case, every USB portal is dedicated to required hardware - DM coms, TranzPort, TrackBall, PC keyboard and wireless modem (with connection disabled unless needed). Even when I unplug the modem, TMC still remains available only when the DAW is unloaded. Not a problem for me, because I need it only for mixer backups, which are easily done before or after an audio session.

Considering all the things which can go wrong, I don't consider this an issue, but I can see how it would be for others.

I tried both CaptDan's suggestions, but neither of them made any difference.
On my XP setup, I have the same power up sequence as Arjan: 1. DM 2. TMC 3. Cubase. I too use the metering window. Works fine. But with W7 I'm still stuck...
I'm only saying this because you didn't mention it.
Go to Start/control panel/Sound/IF-FW/DM and left click once. "Set as Default" using button below. Now right click on it and select Properties/Advanced tab. Use drop down menu to select the same sample rate your DM is set to, and then check both boxes in exclusive mode. Hit OK, then OK again, then reboot.
Shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send the new beta drivers for windows 7 and beyond. Version 1.30f4
I'm a bit confused (gee-THAT never happens. :)). TMC is USB driven, so I don't get the driver/firewire/S/R connection. Then again, perhaps if the interface isn't set right, maybe DM/USB-TMC comms are affected somehow.

Maybe you could fill me in. :)

Have you guys tried running a 'Win7 compatibility mode' check on TMC?
Maybe on your rig it needs to run in 32 bit/ XP-emulation or something of that sort.

Unless I missed something, I'm not aware of anybody having tried this yet.

I had exactly these problems a few years back - with W7 and Vista and XP. After tearing much hair out and trying every supported card and configuration I came to the conclusion that it was motherboard/CPU related.
Frustrated and unwillingly, but due to necessity, I moved to mac and haven't had a hiccough since.
I mentioned the windows control panel thing because TMC won't run correctly if windows does not see the DM connected through the FW card. It will instead give you the error message "no compatible mixer found". It will still run in the background, but will not work as you would expect it to. It has to see an installed and connected DM and FW card before it will do anything and I believe that it does this through the windows "sound" settings in the control panel. Checking the "sound" settings in the windows control panel, to make sure the FW card is the default audio source for playback, lets windows know that it is there and that you want to use it. TMC should then work......At least that was my experience when I first set up windows 7. The new FW driver seems to work much better with windows 7 than the currently released driver does.
FWIW, I respect the choice to move to a mac. But I think I should mention that it is most likely not a motherboard/CPU thing and that I've been VERY happy with running my DM at 88.2 and all 32 channels of FW in and out of a windows 7 32bit machine with 3GB of ram and an intel E6600 CPU/ and three hard drives.
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It's a bit mysterious, since I don't think I have my FW-card as default audio in my Win7 setup, and all works fine. I have an E-mu 0404 installed as well, which is in use for Windows sounds and Firefox and such..
I moved to mac and haven't had a hiccough since.
Good for you, but I've seen so many postings here from people having trouble with Mavericks or some big cat OS, that there's no guarantee that an Apple is the end of all trouble. Like no PC is either..
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At the risk of sounding like a broken record (pun intended), I really think Tascam should release the 1.31xx drivers to their US and European websites for download. As of this week, V1.21 remains the newest version and - unless there's some technical reason - it seems time has come to call it good.

It's nice that we're willing and able to share our beta versions with those who need them, but at some point Tascam has to put their blessing on it for public consumption.

Just my opinion.

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I think TascMan nailed this thing. As I said earlier, I've never delved deeply into why certain things occur with TMC. So long as it backs up my data and provides screen shot ability, I'm good to go. :)


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