MX2424 se /Rc2424 /Dm24 Working in Harmony


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Jul 27, 2014
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Trying to get all 3 units to work together. The RC2424 only talks to the Mx2424se thru the remote port. Using the RC means giving up Dm24 surface control of the Mx. It's tedious having to run over to the Mx to change settings. Is there a way to use all three devices and still maintain surface control of the Mx on the Dm24?
Yes Alan.... the Dm24 surface control uses the "remote" port in the rear of the Mx via the 9 pin cable connecting the two.

I read that in the manual. ... but,
I was hoping to control the Mx using the remote control unit and still "see" all my actions on the Mu24 meter bridge and Dm24. So far, only the 9 pin cable allows me to arm the Mx and see everything on the Dm24 and meter bridge rendering the remote control unit useless.
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This exactly what I want to accomplish. Some type of splitter perhaps?
Hi guys

Beeing new on the forum I want to make my first reply on this item.
I have the same setup (MX2424 DM24 en RC2424.
I can control the mx from the front of the MX, The remote and the surface of the DM. I believe it's essential that the MX is the master clock and that there has to be a midi loop between the DM en the MX.
You have to set the MMC in the MIDI screen to the right values.
Then you can use all three control possibilities and also the mix automation.
I hope this was helpfull.
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