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Oct 2, 2012
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OK, so here's the demo I recorded of my band playing what we play, which is pop/rock covers in an acoustic fashion. Our line-up is Rhythm (cajon, shakers), Bass, Guitar and Vocals. Normally that's all you get, but on this demo's versions you also hear a Hammond B3 (Nord Electro 3) and here and there a guitar solo which are not done live. Yours truly took care of lead vocals and organ and ofcourse recording, mixing and mastering.

Recording (all 96k/24) was done semi-live; cajon (Neumann TLM103 back, Rode NT5 front), bass guitar (DI) and acoustic guitar (Piezo pick-up and Rode NT5) together with guide vocal in the first take. Almost all through external compressors into DM, input bypassed to Cubase 7.5. Overdubs were Shakers (TLM103), Hammond (MIDI initially to Nord Electro B3, then audio recorded), lead vocal (Studio Projects C1) and backup vocals (SP C1 and TLM103) and solo acoustic guitar (same as above). Unfortunately I didn't have my Sontronics Sigma yet, or I certainly would have tried it on almost everything and probably used it for percussion and acoustic guitar..

Mixing was done from Cubase 7.5 through the DM, with some plugins used in C7.5 and EQ mostly in DM, some compression in DM. Effects were reverb on everything and some chorus on the acoustic guitar, coming from internal DM and TC M-One and Yamaha Pro-R3 external units. Mix recorded in Wavelab 8.5 where mastering with Ozone and internal WL plugins took place. Let me know what you guys think!
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Nice feel man!! I like the mix as well as the performance. Glad to finally put a voice to the screen name after 4 years!
Like your version of Wonderwall! Kicks ass
Sounds great Arjan. Although you overdubbed several elements, you didn't lose the feeling of the 'room.'

As Cmaffia said, it's nice to put voices and faces to names here.

Thanks guys! Always nice to hear comments from peers, especially from this group. And Dan, though there are faces on the album cover, I was 17 at the time and I won't say when the photo was taken, but there's much less hair altogether now ;-) It's called 'Revived' since our original line-up from back in the day is now again the same.. Amazing how quick the same feel in the playing was back between the four of us.
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Thanks Jim. It's a Yamaha APX (don't know the exact type) to two tracks; one from the piezo pickup and one from a Rode NT5 mic in front - with considerable cajon bleed. No compression or anything on the incoming signal. In Cubase on each track a Tube Compressor plugin, no EQ. On DM mixed a bit panned from each other - also less piezo than mic. Added to both channels internal chorus (different amounts in different songs) and also reverb from internal DM.
Sounds lovely, would love to hear you guys live.
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