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Apr 7, 2020
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I'm doing a cover/treatment of an old sentimental favorite, "Brandy" by Looking Glass.
I'm using more guitar parts than the original, and am going to try to include some of the brass (played on synth)...I have an excellent bass-player friend in on the project, and I can probably manage the drum-programming...and will sing as best I can.

BUT: I'm a fairly wretched piano player and I'm hoping I can find someone who'd play the sort of Wurli/Rhodes sounding piano part to this song.

I'm doing it at 128BPM - approx the same as the original recording - and will need it in .WAV format, 16-bit/44K, to be imported into my DP-32. Mono or stereo is fine.
If you need them, there's tabs all over the i'net with the chords (or I can send them to you), and oodles of "how to play Brandy on piano" youtube's.

Lemme know if you can help'll be credited for your contribution, and will surely be fawned over by all of humanity.:rolleyes:
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'I have an excellent bass-player friend in on the project'

dang I was hoping I could play bass on this :cool:

fun song to play I must say
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hehe that was my aussie sarcasm
Gotcha. I missed the USA's vile social/political environment, sarcasm (or even expressing an opinion) will get you shot in the forehead. At least where I live, it will. I don't even talk about the weather. Good thing I have a recording studio, so I never have to leave the house!!!o_O
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