new and lost on my DP-02


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Feb 7, 2014
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Hello! I'm Nipolhed(said like that yes,I wrote it like that as to try and not offend those that may help :) )
I have a DP-02 and I'm having a problem I hope that one (or all) of you can help with. I have 40 songs in the memory that I cannot unlock or get of the machine and I do not want to erase them,but I need the space back to be able to continue recording.I've done everything the book says to and have tried support from Tascam webpage,but got nowhere.The support page(in fact all the pages I attempted to access) had problems loading the page.If anybody knows how to help me step by step(I'm still relearning evrything I knew 20 years ago but was too youthfully arrogant to remember as well as the ever changing technology...etc....) and can help me please do.There has to be a way to retrieve the songs if they still exist,right? This is my first time asking for this kinda help, specially in a public forum, so I'm not even sure if this will be read or if it's he right place but here I am, just an old hand that got a chance to live again.I was in the business YEARS ago and just recently re-entered it and am a bit overwhelmed by everything that there is now and feeling a bit inadequate and I'd like that to stop now.I want to know what I need to as well as everything I forgot ,however for now I just need to save these songs.Can anyone help me?

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