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Oct 19, 2012
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DM 4800
Hello all . Win 7 Dm4800, running Sonar x2, ive recently experienced an issue with a strange electronic beepin one of my songs , it happens when play is first hit and throughout the song, it changes pitch and sounds almost like some type of sync signal, except that it just beeps every now and then throughout the song, I mixed a tune back through Sonar and it appears on the mix also , the only thing I have changed recently is the stereo routing to mix back into Sonar, it sounds like a star wars type beep and some are different pitch, also it seems like whenever I fire up the system its a crap shoot as to whether the transport control will work or not , its driving me crazy because its so erratic ?? worked fine for weeks , then just stopped working ??? UGH !!! frustrated at this point ,, Help .. thanks
The transport thing I feel your pain with that. I was running X2 until X3 came out. It's the same thing in X3. Some times it works perfect for a week then all of a sudden it is nuts.
The beep beats me. The only time I have had anything similar to that happen is when I had a midi track set to omni. The midi track was picking up all of the transport and whatever other buttons as midi input to whatever synth or drum module was on that track. I do route the stereo back into Sonar as well, but still am stumped.
Because, your issue sounds a bit different.
Wish I knew more so that I could help. But, it beats my two pair.
I'm on a whole different platform... Mac, but....
I think MrZero might be right about the midi thing.
Do you have any midi VIs or external boxes that might be making the sound.
I had a couple of weird anomalies where the DM transport controls would trigger midi notes.
Maybe this is not the issue, but thought I would offer it.
Hope you get it figured out.
Suggestion: for those who suspect a MIDI-note trigger problem, upload a Screen Shot of your MIDI menu (the 'plumbing' screen). It's possible there's a pathway enabled that can be repatched or disabled which could solve the issue.


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