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Feb 1, 2014
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Just trying to keep this forum going a little. I've been a SX1 user since 2004, and don't want to ever have to change. I finally had the time to build the custom console that I've always wanted. I had gotten a quote from Argosy a long time ago, but it was a bit obscene, and no where near the types of woods I wanted, so... Here we are. Hope you like it.






Arm wrests are removable.Center pieces are removable as well. If I ever needed to change for a different board, all that would be required would be width and height. 24ru per side car.(6ru on the bottom, 14ru on the slant, and 4ru on the top) Everything is maple and walnut. Still have a bit more gear to install and connect up. I also have a real nice figured piece of walnut for the keyboard tray to install. Then I can finish the filler plates. I will have still have room for expansion. Haven't had much time on it. just got it installed friday, but I'm liking the way it turned out.
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That looks great! I've been working on a desk that will hold two of my SX-1's. My design is very similar to yours, though. I'll get some pix up as it gets closer to completion. Look forward to seeing yours all loaded up.
Kevin -- amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

I am setting out with much the same in mind... I want to commit to the SX-1, and build it a desk that's worthy of it. Love your choice of wood. Would love to see it racked up completely.

Did you do the plans on computer? If so, would you care to share? Would be nice to have something to start sketching from.
jook, yes, I did it all in auto cad. I would have no problem sharing it. If this is something you could use just let me know and we can discuss it.
Looks impressive Kevin. Take a look at mine. Made out of an old skid that use to carry a Caterpillar gas tank.




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Thanks. Took me two years to built. The live room and the iso booth.


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Love it! And I love repurposing. The skid was a great idea, that was fantastically executed. The rooms are awesome too! Mine is still a work in progress, but getting closer everyday. Functional but my mind still sees the finished product as something else.
Yours looks way more professional done but thanks for the positive input. I only used a hand saw and a power drill. I might built another one more functional in the future. I do think I will keep changing things on the set up and the rooms for a long time. I am always trying to optimize everything but that is kind of a fun thing too.

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