Patching and routing in the studio (banging head against wall)

I'm in an even smaller group. I have two dm4800s with only one functioning screen, lol. The routing for The slave is in the slave so it puts me at a giant disadvantage. So last night my friend and I figured out how to run all my hardware as inserts in pro tools. I am constantly amazed by this board. I'm still using a patchbay because I have way more hardware than Send/returns but I can at least run 8 pieces of outboard now through PT. After I fix the screen on board two it'll be 16. My next investment will definitely be analog cards. I can hold 7 with two boards and a firewire card.
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Studio is up and running great. All the kinks worked out minus the new screen on second board. I'm using the second board for monitoring and control surface. Been very busy since the opening. Had a few bands in and some solo artists and rappers. Honestly when I got these boards I never thought I would know what I know now. And I'm just brushing the surface. Soon I'll be passing forth the knowledge I've gained and hopefully making the next guys life a little easier. If anyone wants to check out pics from the studio go to let me know what ya think.
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Need routing setup for dm 3200 step by step mik line ins tidiff and adat in and outs

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