Problems With 2488 Stereo Dynamics

Craig Baron

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Dec 5, 2014
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I have the original unit and I can't get the stereo dynamic compressor to work. It will work but then when I go to do the mixdown it is gone. No more increase in the volume. So I then do a mixdown anyway and then burn it to disc. I play it on my cd player but in order to hear it at a decent level I have to crank the volume level to 15. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong?

Try the following: with your mixdown master go into track edit and select clone master; then take clone master track and apply compression/EQ etc to it; then burn the clone master to CD. I have moved on from the 2488 to the DP24 which has more Mastering tools: multi-band compression, NSD, etc. My new master with DP24 has plenty of volume like the big boys; I have had previously experienced your 2488 problem.
Can you explain what the process is,on the DP 24,in order to make a burned cd have a proper volume on a cd player? I've been thinking about buying a DP 24 and I don't want to have to go through this again. Does the manual make this process clear and concise?
Craig, first and foremost the tracks mix levels are in good order and not over 0db. My history began with the 788 to 2488 with those machines I did struggle to get the CD master volume up and always felt that I had to re-visit the mix to get the CD volume. My first burn CD on the DP24 had the volume up just like the big boys. The key is DP24 mastering tool suite particularly the normalization function. The manual does indicate that the normalization is done after you done master compression steps (multi-band compression) and master equalization. In addition the NSD (noise shape dithering) for burning the CD (16bit) reduces the potential quantization distortion dilemma on the CD master. Reading information on audio science on these processes helps to understand the benefits of the DP24 functions. The manual walks through the steps, I admit it took me a month to get the hang of it, then 2 months later I finally understood how to get the maximum quality in my mastering process, trial/error process-can't get around that. I'm making my first release this month-79 minute live concert with studio dubs from a 23 tracks mix down. I love it. There is no escape from the work to understand how to work a device/machine/DP24; your labor makes the quality. No doubt way better than the 2488-no more hard drive crash nightmares-that drove me to find the DP24

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