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Nov 28, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I just scored a great deal on an analog card. I have one question which I could tear my rig apart to answer, but I figured I would ask here first.

If I assign ML 1-8 or 9-16 to the analog card (in my case, Slot 2) can I use the inserts on the analog card? The manual says that the physical inserts are available only with inputs 1-16, but do they work if 1-16 have a different input source then the mic pre?

I am assuming using the analog card bypasses the mic pres as well.

Any help appreciated:)
Great question!!! I have no idea and I have THREE analog cards. I use one card for parallel processing with my outboard gear. But again, I have no idea. I hope someone answers your question.
we have 3 analog cards installed in the 4800 which Send-Return to RADAR..and yes,as long as M/L is selected per channel you should have insert Send-Return Capability for your selected Outboard Device - device's ..
Ummm, I haven't tried that, but can't see how it would work - looking at the circuit diagram the hard inserts are wired via a send directly to the M/L inputs only and this is before the AD stage - there does not appear to be any connection from the slot cards to the M/L inputs.

The analog card has 8 dedicated inputs and it's own ADDA convertors on the board - again, no sign of direct analog connection.....

It would be great if it does work, but I have doubts.

As an alternative, you can use your AUX ports or another analog card for soft inserts.
noah, Beachy nailed it. As long as the M/L pres are the source, you can send the physical insert returns anywhere you want.
But, when you say that you have M/L 1-8 assigned to SLOT2 1-8, this can only mean that you have the M/L pres assigned to the 8 output channels of the analog card. And, you can't send the signal on the analog card out of the M/L's insert points. You wouldn't need to. You would send the signal out of the analog card, into the effects, and back into the analog card.
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Thanks guys. I had done some research after posting the question, and as discussed it doesn't work.

However, I did read in the manual that any of the outs can be setup as inserts so I think I may play around with that or I'll use the ins/outs on my 192 as effects inserts in PTHD.

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