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Oct 6, 2012
Gear owned
I'm looking for a quick way to reset a channel's EQ to flat.
I know I can store a flat setting in the library, but that is a fairly clumsy way to do it.
Is there some shortcut to this?
My previous mixer has a button dedicated to resetting the EQ.
Very handy.
Anybody have a quick solution?
Snapshots may seem clumsy, but they're the quickest way to recall global default settings. The aggravation is in creating them; but once done, it's a dunk/slam. (Or vice versa. :) )

However, there could be another way to do this. I just haven't found it yet.

I always use channel 25 or any channel your not currently using. Set the EQ flat then use the copy and paste function to zero the EQ on the channel you are working with. The instructions to copy and paste EQ only are below and from the manual page 71. Maybe there are better ways but this is what I use. Hope this helps.

To paste only the EQ parameters Press and
hold the PASTE key, and the EQ ON key together,
and press the SEL key of the channel to which the
equalization parameters are to be copied.
Press ENTER to confirm the operation, or a cursor
key to cancel it.
stevessc said:
Press and hold the PASTE key
This is DM-4800 only (and I can't see this on page 71 of DM-4800 manual?). On DM-3200 there's no Copy and Paste buttons.
Thanks for the tip.
My problem is that I'm usually using all of the channels for something or another.
I can't have one sitting idly as a copy source.
BTW, the page I found for the 4800 is page 29.
Good info for all users.

I guess I have to find a quick way to use EQ library recall.
Kind of feels like using a "pocket calculator" back in the day.
Lots of button pushes for a simple task.
Hi, I have set one of the user defined buttons to recall the EQ library page.
The first preset I have saved is "flat" and the second "flat with low-cut".
Just select the channel you want to clear and press "recall". Then it is very fast to select/recall all the channels you want to clear.
Hi Beri,
That is a great solution!
I had completely forgotten about the User keys.
I tried it and it works perfectly.
Many thanks!

How about a similar solution for setting all of the aux sends on a given channel to zero?
I can't find a library category for aux sends.... or even a library category for a complete channel module.
It would be nice to be able to zero out a channel in the midst of a project.
Snapshot is great but it resets the whole board.
You are welcome !
I also defined these user keys to have quick access to snapshot libraries and to group mutes and faders.
Snapshot is great but it resets the whole board.

Not necessarily. 'Safe' parameters' can be defined in the preference utilities. For example, you can specify that EQ only overwrite existing board settings while leaving everything else untouched. I think that's also possible with the Auxes; just specify that the desired Aux setting be the only parameter to overwrite.

Hi Capt,
I'm using the snapshot mode to save the whole board and I am using "safe" parameters for things I don't want to change.
I'm looking for a way to quickly reset one channel.
If I could load a library version of a "zeroed" version of one channel to a channel in an ongoing mix, that would save me time and tweaking.
Is this possible?
Berl's idea is probably the best I've heard so far.

And - actually - if you need to reset only one channel - how long does it really take to bring it back to default? Dynamics can be bypassed with a single button push, Auxes reduced to 0 swiftly holding down the Cntrl key and spinning the encoder; and a single flat EQ setting quickly recalled from a preset in the User EQ library. All told - perhaps 20 seconds. :)

captdan said:
Auxes reduced to 0 swiftly holding down the Cntrl key and spinning the encoder.
Now you have me curious about this.
Can you explain what you mean?
Which encoder is accelerated by the use of the Cntrl key?
and BTW, thanks for all of your helpful posts here....
much appreciated.

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