Reseated cards, now I have no VGA

Discussion in 'TASCAM SX-1' started by Marcus Schulte, Jul 14, 2018.

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    Hey guys I'm new here, just picked up a SX-1 LE earlier today, the guy who gave it to me told me the hard drive was bad but otherwise fine, which is fine with me. Well after going through things a reading a bunch of posts, although never finding the service manual, and trying a different hard drive I had lying around with the OS disk the guy had sent me off with I ended up only getting to the second boot screen to where it says "loading from CD-ROM" where the CD drive would be active for about 10-15 seconds, maybe more, and then stop and continue to display the message indefinitely with absolutely no activity. I figured maybe the disc was burned improperly and it had a read error that was hidden behind the "booting from CD" display. Butt just to make sure I decided to go ahead and reseat the cards and memory as I had noticed it had helped others who had posted here when they were having errors. Well once I put the cards back in I booted it up again to give it a test and to my surprise I wasn't getting any VGA display to my monitor, I spent some time struggling trying to see if I had missed something but to no benefit. I was wondering if there is something I might be overlooking that you guys might now of or if I should be hunting down another AGP card. Or I don't even know, I'm light weight scared as I was very excited about this, but don't worry, this is not a critical device to me, just something I hope to get up and running and possibly use in my studio sometime in the future. Thanks in advance guys, and sorry for the long post and bad grammar!
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    You can download a .pdf version of the service manual for the SX-1 from the documentation section at the top of the SX-1 section of this forum.