Reverting to 1.10 to update firmware help


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Oct 10, 2012
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Okay, so for a while now I have been struggling to use the latest version of drivers (1.21), but now realizing that I should have updated to the latest version of firmware a long time ago. So how do I get back to 1.10, I tried uninstalling using the programs integrated uninstall, and using the control panel uninstall but no luck. Anyone have experience with this issue or will I have to spend 8 hours on hold with tascam for a 10 minute fix?

You need to provide more info if you want help. This is for the firewire card, the IFFW-DM MkII yes? Mac or PC? What version firmware is on the card now?

In order to install firmware 1.10 I think you need to install the 1.10 driver first. I have attached the IFFW-DM MkII updates release notes. I think you can update to drivers 1.21 after using drivers 1.10 to install firmware 1.10 - but go by the release notes.


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PC, yes the IF-FW MKII card with a PC, Windows XP.

I have read the release notes many times, I understand what needs to happen, but I am guessing you need to go into the system32 folder and delete the actual driver files.

I decided to just format the system and start fresh. I installed 1.10 first, but when I go to run the firmware updater, it does nothing, or my system just restarts.

Anyone with firsthand experience?
Jarno! Thank you so much! Fixed it in 10 Finally, no drop outs. I can't believe it. I have had a super computer and built it just to run this machine, but never been able to get rid of the drop outs and latency issues. I am SOOO HAPPY!

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