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Apr 7, 2020
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In my lifelong fanboi love for all things Roland...I've recently acquired an SDE-1000 delay, which I picked up in absolutely mint condition for the equivalent of a bag of pucks.

These baybee's came out in early/mid 80-s, and weren't made for long...they only made 7000 of them - many of which are now in parts, or not functional.
I bought one when they first came out - my first piece of "real" gear - and at the time they cost about as much as a good used car. Sold it when I embarked on college and needed money and the ability to focus on school instead of playing!

But always loved the thing - has a lovely tone...pure Roland tone, but also a certain lo-fi, mono, 1/4" TS sound that's reminiscent of the great RE-201 (especially when the "2X time" is engaged)...this at least partly stems from it's ("only") 12-bit signal...
I've never played one of the truly legendary delays...but I think I can honestly say that after decades of having literally dozens of delays at hand (stand-alones, built into mixers, MFX units, even the ones built into my various PortaStudio's), that it's my absolute favorite! Great for elex, sounds amazing on my acoustix, and even vox.
It also has a switchable modulation section built in, which not only allows you to create truly excellent chorii and flangers, but can do some pretty interesting things to your delay tails.
Another fun little feature is that on the back panel there's a variable control to increase the delay time through a range of 1.0 to 1.5x...I don't often use it, once I've determined my desired delay time...but when it's turned during a delayed passage (for example as a long delay tails off), it makes utterly gnarly sounds, again a'la RE-201.

I'mma starting to get myself into gear-trouble...the patch-bay foray looms!!!🫣😵‍💫
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I absolutely love those 80s Roland products! Congrats on this catch, @shredd I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it.

On a sidenote: I have several 19" effect units, among which the 20-25 year-old Yamaha Pro-R3 reverb and TC-Electronic M-One have now started going south. Yamaha popping from caps going old and TC losing digits on the display and knobs starting to fail. However, my Roland MKS-50 (Alpha Juno II synth in a 19"box) from 1987 has ZERO issues and works like it did when it came out of the factory! Just sayin'... (Yes, I'm also a Roland fanboy, I admit)
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