Routing 2 TK IN to FW out... no Input Bypass option?

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Mar 2, 2013
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Hi everyone. My current DM-3200 setup is to use the Input Bypass option, routing all inputs (Mic 1-16, ASN RTN 1-4, AN card inputs 1-8) directly to the Firewire outputs to my Mac. This works great for sending the 'clean' unprocessed signals direct to my DAW (Logic), but still lets me use the mixer Channels to setup good monitor mixes of all inputs for the musicians when recording.

However, for some reason the 2 TK IN inputs are not listed as an Input Bypass option when setting up the Firewire routing. Does anyone know why they decided not to allow for this? Seems like an unnecessary limitation, given that those -10 dBV unbalanced inputs are ideal for connecting a keyboard or sound module.

This means the only way to route those 2 TK IN signals to Firewire is to first route them to Channel modules, assign those Channels to Busses, then route those Buss outputs to Firewire outputs. Interestingly, if you set the Firewire routing to 'BUSS x / DIR x' then select the 'Direct' option on those Busses, it will essentially provide the same Input Bypass functionality by sending the Channel module input signal to Firewire. Just seems a long way around to get the same functionality, no?
I've often wondered the same thing. I think it has something to do with the idea that these boards were made to work both with a computer DAW and/or tape/ or the X-48 MKII. I mean, why have the automation section at all unless you were planning on stripping something external with SMPTE. If that's the case then I think the 2trk ins would be used for the stereo returns of a tape deck. Using the 2tk ins in this scenario might cause a feedback loop problem if you were arming a tape deck to record the stereo buss of the DM and the 2trk ins were input bypassed to the stereo buss. So, they left them out as a source for the outputs. You are right, it would be nice to have 2 more inputs to send to a daw, like a keyboard or sound module like you suggested. But I think they figured that you would just plug those things into other analog inputs that could be Input bypassed, like the IF-AN/DM inputs. MHO anyway.
What you say makes a lot of sense: it would avoid some potential issues for folks using the 2 TRK IN for their intended purpose. Then again, the board allows some internal 'loopback' options, for which the manual provides a strong warning to avoid feedback loops. You would think the same kind of warning would suffice for the 2 TRK IN routing as well. But no problem, I'll continue to route them through the BUSS modules to get to Firewire.

I should be happy that, so far, that is the only very minor shortcoming I have found in the DM-3200, other than the poorly written manual, fairly non-intuitive programming interface, and one of my AN card inputs going funky on me. Otherwise, I absolutely love this mixer.. huge bang for buck, huge flexibility, and great sound quality and build. It would be sad if they ever discontinued this series or did not replace it with something even better.

Thanks for that quick reply!

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