Seriously need some midi assistance Sonar X2, 1884

Dark Star Balla

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Mar 4, 2013
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I posted this on Cakewalk Forums but figured I'd post it here also to see if I can get some assistance somewhere... You can see the entire conversation here ---> ... px#2915523

I asked before about using 2 audio/midi interfaces and making them communicate together but could not find any assistance.... So I've since just ran long midi cabled across my room to use all devices in my FW-1884. The problem.. Let's start with the objective. I want to use my Roland MV8800 as my "main" sequencer/sampler I want to control the sounds (internal & soft synths) with my Fantom X7. I have the Fantom running midi in/out 1 & the MV8800 midi in/out 2 both of my Tascam FW-1884. So when l load for example Dimension into my synth rack in X2 I can only play the sounds in midi omni mode which defaults when I select "none" or omni. But when I try and select FW-1884 > midi 1 > midi channel 1 I get no sound. Any suggestions? Am I being clear enough? Can any one point me to where I can find step by step instruction to accomplish this objective? (Video, manual, forum post etc...)?? Not sure what other info may be needed but just ask. Thanks!

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