Soundcard not working with mavericks


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Nov 13, 2013
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tascam us 1641
Hi, I have a tascam us 1641 that works fine. Updated to mavericks on my imac, doesn't work, and none of the drivers on the tascam site work/are in date. This is a discontinued model, so have i got to sell it/re boot back to older os? Any suggestions please?
I'm having the same problem recently bought a MacBookPro and updated for mavericks. I previously used my tascam us-1641 in my windows without any problem. however already downloaded the latest version of the driver from tascam site, however they do not work in os x 10.9
I am unable to continue my projects and would like the tascam resolve this urgently

if anyone has any solution to this problem, please help us!

i downgraded to snow lep. all fine again, no updates until i get a new computer/logic x, but im cool with that for a year or so. its honestly the only solution man to keep your projects going, next is you get a new soundcard and spend 100's upgrading. im cool with it, had my setup for many years, and they aint gunna upgrade the drivers man, not worth there while. just rember that next time you buy a soundcard! (presonus, ;)).
They just released the US-1641 driver for mavericks, but it won't download.
It gets started, and hangs, also the accompanying .pdf file is empty.
Hopefully that will be remedied soon (Please?)

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