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Jan 24, 2015
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Tascam x-48
Dear Friend,

I do have Tascam x-48 recorder/workstation.All TDIF chs Input works but ch 14 does not give signal out.On the display the channel 14 level meter works but from the connector Out - no signal! Also I have IF-AN24X analog card and there are two chs no signal out (chs 8,21) but on display when playing,the level meters work with chs 8,21 but same thing - from the connector no signal (cable has tested - its OK)
and IF-AE24X AES/EBU card does not wot at all - no signal In/Out
Are these problem normal with x-48?
We do have in Finland Tascam dealer but they can not do anything but send the maschine to the factory at Japan. Is it possible to get some help from the forum, or do you somebody know some who has some schemas about Tascam x-48 for example?
It was a hard job to get x-48 Service Manual with schemas.Now I have it and the option cards problem has fixed - it´s easy when you have the schemas.You do not need anymore bad Tascam support, only the engineer who can reed schemas!

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