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Sep 17, 2014
Bolton UK
Gear owned
2xTascam sx-1
Having purchased 2 sx 1's I feel the need for any spare parts I can get
So anybody out there selling any please let me know (cash waiting)
Cheers Graham
hello graham,

congratulations on your wise decision to get the tascam sx1 machines ... i have been working with them for about 10 years and still find the console amazing ... very well laid out and smooth, warm preamps (imho) ... many ways to utilize the multiple outputs and the anteres plugins have made a difference in my recordings (your actual milage may vary :rolleyes: ... )

now , back to my post ...

i have a aes/ebu input card for the dm/sx1 console ... brand new, in the box, plugged in one time to check for proper operation and removed & stored in the studio "just in case i needed it" ....
fast forward 6 years ... still there in the studio, boxed and ready for someone who may need the input card options ... cost is $150 us (well below the current prices on inet or guitar centers, etc ... ) + shipping cost to you

i can see you are in the "old" uk .... i am located in "new england" ... (auburn, maine, usa)
we can work out the payment details if you are interested :D

if anyone else reading this is interested in the aes/ebu card, my email is listed below


card deal in progress ... thanks for all the inquiries


hey's better if we work it out here I imagine...
Hi Wolf
no problem
let me know what you've got for sale
and how much
I've no idea about carriage from usa to uk
Cheers Graham
you can have any and every part that I can remove from the frame and ship...
Work me out a price for everything including delivery
Regards Graham
please make me an offer for all the parts...shipping to Bolton, UK is super-expensive from NY (using UPS eg) you have a preferred method?

Is there anyone with a SX-1 Video sync cards or motherboards for sale?
I would much rather repair this beast than replace it.

Any one who can point me in the direction of parts would be greatly appreciated.
Having purchased 2 sx 1's I feel the need for any spare parts I can get
So anybody out there selling any please let me know (cash waiting)
Cheers Graham

Hello Graham,

I have a (retired) sx1 in my attic.
It's in full working order, except for the HD.

Hello Stelhans,

What are you asking for your sx-1?
Hello kgunn,

I have to mention that the lcd-screen has blue lines, but it remains readable.
The price : I have no idea, but I think 500 euro would be reasonable.
One thing : it's pay and collect only, and I live in Belgium...

Hey Grtz,

I wouldnt be looking to ship such a big item so far.
Would you be willing to sell seperate parts, such as the video sync card, hdr card or motherboard separately?
Hello Stelhans
I would be interested in buying your sx1
Could you find out shipping cost to the UK
as I do not know.
and if ok I will buy
Regards Graham
Blimey're in Bolton?
I haven't been on this site in a few years. Back in about 2009 I had a couple of SX-1 machines. Great machines but abysmal support from Tascam UK. I sold them and moved onto the MX2424 and a DM-24 mixer. The MX is a more reliable unit in my opinion although the DM-24 was a mistake and I got rid of a couple that I had. They both suffered from a problem I had with one of the SX-1....that fader 1 lost automation. I then, believe it or not, used a Behringer DDX3216 with two TDIF cards to interface with the MX2424. This also worked well (although the Behringer was a little 'grainy' in sound). FFWD to now and I've been using Propellerhead's Reason (through its 'Record' incantation) for the last five years, and have just bought a Nektar Panorama 61 keyboard controller to use with it. This has been fantastic with a dual-touchscreen ACER laptop. Since the price drop on 2nd-hand prices of MX2424 (you can't give them away these days) I bought a few as I started using them with the newer Behringer digital desk (the X32). You can see a similar setup that I currently use here:

I've since sold the X32 Rack mixers as I already had the X32 Producer version which I've since fitted into a KAMKASE mixer rack (the same type of case which used to house the DDX3216). The beauty of this setup is that I can house the whole rack in a different room than I am recording in (the fans in the MX2424 although 'silent' in description, still make too much noise for me), pipe the audio from the rack to my monitors and control the whole thing via a laptop.

It also makes a great mobile rack for recording some live shows we do. The X32P has 16 XLR inputs and 6 jack inputs so more than enough for most things. You can add stageboxes to increase the number of inputs to 38 if you need to all via CAT5 ethernet.

Anyway just thought I'd post what I'm using as I only live down the road in Bury.......the SX-1 was a great machine...pity about the support.


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