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Kim Clouse

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Feb 2, 2024
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SX -1LE Plus , various
I arrived at an old friend's to visit, he told me his machine would not work. I powered it up and it got to the diagnostics, overwrite, and update screen on the external monitor with the mouse. I ran the diagnostics and all was good except ISDF not found.
Called a friend in Penn. and he gave me instructions. I removed the 4 screws in the back, pulled out the drive unplugged the ribbon and power, cleaned them then removed the 2 ram cards, cleaned and reseated them. Installed the drive and ISDF initiated. Smelled something overheating as his son moved the talk back on the other side, the entire far left row of led's was flashing as he moved it. No smoke, and I powered it down instantly. Now, in the screen on the machine ISDF is initialized, faders, and calibration successful, and video I/O successful but no video output to the external monitor. (he has spare cards or I and solder it) He is getting older and swears he just raised up the front of the machine to install a new card or 2 that matched what he had. I cannot figure out if the entire fader from the front raises! Removed the outer plastic covers and stopped.
If someone could help instruct me how to get the other cards and I will check the Video cables, it would help me to make an old man happy. I am nearly ready to give him my DSP32 and CD Burner and stay away

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