Tascam 1-44 Recording Issue


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Apr 29, 2013
I've been using Tascam for about 4 months and it was the best thing so far as my first USB audio interface.

So today I go ahead to record a quick riff with my guitar. I plug in my cable to the Guitar In port.

Since it was a quick recording, I used audacity (The software used doesn't matter with my issue, just keep reading to know why)

I click record and for some reason Im just getting straight bold lines.

I listen to the recording, all I get is this large buzzing sound. It sounds like when you use alot of distortion through an amp. I play the guitar and you can barely hear my guitar. If I barely touch the strings on the guitar, the sound amplifies.

I look at the TASCAM Interface and notice this. When my strings are making a sound/vibrating, it would usually turn green or red depending on the sound level. This of course is a sign that it is reading the sound off my guitar and that everything is functioning. But this time, when they vibrate, there is no green or red light. A green or red light only comes up when i only touch my strings

I switched the cables that connect the guitar and still the same issue. I turned phantom on and off, I siwtched the ports, etc and STILL! The unit was working perfectly today with MIDI connections when I was using my Arturia Keyboard.

I just don't know what went wrong!

I would also like to add this: My computer has been vibrating abnormally today, could it be a problem with my computer somehow?

I have an MP3 file of the issue, Im not sure how I can share it on the forum

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