Tascam 34B behavior

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    Nov 2022
    TASCAM 34B
    Just picked up a 34B with no service history, and am new to the brand, and R2R in general. Trying to sort out what needs attention, things like:
    - head phone monitor very weak
    - 1 channel not recording
    - 1 channel meter not responding on playback
    ...but it seems the tape transport is working OK, e.g. return to zero functions, can go in fast fwd or rewind and no tape snapping, etc.
    Noticed, however, that if I engage Play with just reels installed, and no tape threaded (i.e. manually engage tape detection arm) the two reels will turn in opposite directions. The supply reel will turn CW, and the take-up reel with turn CCW. If the tape is threaded, the take up reel wins, and the supply reel now turns CCW, as well, allowing the tape to pass over the heads.
    I'm thinking that this is normal, and needed to maintain back-tension on the tape as it unspools, but would like someone to confirm, please.