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Nov 1, 2012
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Tascam DM 4800
Can some one Help me "PLZ" I'm getting NO sound from the DM 4800 it work for a bit and now no sound i can see the signal flow on the meter unit but still no sound "PLZ" Help..
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Simple things first:

1. Do you have the right input monitor bus selected? (Control room output)

2. Are your DM channels assigned to the Stereo Bus? If not, you'll see the inputs' levels on the meter, but they won't be heard in the mix unless you hit the Stereo Bus button for those channels.

Re: Tascam DM 4800

Hi yes all Stereo Bus button for those channels
are assigned to the stereo bus and lite up and the control room output is set to AUX 1-2 from the DM 4800
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Re: Tascam DM 4800

Have you listened through headphones using the headphone outputs? If nothing is heard, the next step is to CAREFULLY study your routing. Check the Inputs/Slot routing. There's a possibility you inadvertently called up a Snapshot with some other routing scheme. Also, make sure the Inputs on each channel are those you want; it's possible they're inverted.

If that doesn't help, the next step is to perform a hard reset on the mixer. Be sure to save your current file beforehand. If a reset doesn't fix the problem, then it's likely there's an electronic issue with the board itself, and technical service may be

If anyone else has further suggestions. please chime in.

Re: Tascam DM 4800

Bugzee said:
control room output is set to AUX 1-2 from the DM 4800
Why? Shouldn't it be set to STEREO? Or are you sending everything you want to hear to AUX 1-2?

Remember: it's all about 3 things:
1. routing
2. routing
3. routing

Your DM is a huge patch bay in which you can route the signal in almost every imaginable way. Just follow the Block Diagram in your user manual and figure out what's your signal path and how to implement it.
Re: Tascam DM 4800

!!!! Thank You !!!! CAPTDAN & JARNO You Guys ROCK It Work, Thank You...
Re: Tascam DM 4800

:oops: I'm not sure what is going on With my Tascam dm 4800 the routing look's good but the volume keeps going down and then back up This is VERY annoying and make listening to anything at a decent volume impossible I still need HELP PLZ...
Re: Tascam DM 4800

Just as general tip... there's no value in describing a problem in five words and then using the rest of your post to tell others how annoying or frustrating the situation is.

Have you done any troubleshooting on you own? Does this mysterious volume fluctuation occur when you are listening to any output (headphones, etc), or just one? Did you purchase the console used and are hearing leftover automation data (the gain for any channel can be automated to do exactly what you are describing)?

I'm not busting your chops: this is a VERY helpful group and they helped me immeasurably when I was learning my DM (despite my own frustration with what turned out to be a defective console). But even the best forums can only help those who help themselves.
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"...leftover automation data (the gain for any channel can be automated to do exactly what you are describing)?"

Indeed. And this can be made more difficult to troubleshoot if 'automation fader movement' is disabled. Automation data will still affect levels, but there's no physical reflection of those adjustments on the faders themselves.

Go to Preferences to see if automation fader option is enabled or not. If not - enable it - run the mix and see if any fader(s) is/are moving on their own. If so, Automation has to be DE-selected, and any remaining data removed.

Also, I agree with Jim; because of the complexity of these mixers, specific details are necessary to help those with problems like yours. In most all cases, there's a simple solution, but without some 'detective work' from the users themselves, troubleshooting becomes even more 'troublesome.' :)

Re: Tascam DM 4800

I own 2 of these units and at one point I had a similar problem with one of them. The problem turned out to be the input transformer. We had very low signal flow through the board. Originally, the level was fluctuating from normal to very low causing the output volume to appear to get loud and soft. Then the input levels just stayed low. Tascam tech support was awesome! They walked us through all sorts of troubleshooting over the phone and after we did every type of trouble shooting we could we finally had to send the unit to a factory repair center where they replaced a board for the input transformer/s. The unit has been fine ever since.
Re: Tascam DM 4800

As there is no input transformers in the DM-4800, do you mean your PSU has been changed ?

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