Tascam if-an/DM card question


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Feb 1, 2014
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Why is this card so hard to find, and the only places that have it want a ton for it? On ebay it's like $200 more than other cards. Seriously what's the deal? I need one of these cards, but can't bring myself to pay that price. If anyone has one, or a lead on one that would be awesome.
Wow .. even Sweetwater is selling for $499.00! Kind of glad I picked mine up second hand for $140 on eBay. Why are you against getting it for half the price on eBay? I did and haven't looked back in over a year.
If I could get it for half of that price on ebay I would be ok, but that isn't an option. There aren't any analog cards on ebay for half the price. Are you seeing something that I'm not? All the cards on ebay for the $250 are the digital and adat cards.
Thanks, but somewhere we must be getting our wires crossed. Like I said in my first post. I can find these cards for those prices. My question was, why is the analog card so much more expensive? I am looking for the an/dm card. Not the ad/dm or the td/dm card. Those are all over the place.
BH photo has it for $399 and the other place has it for the standard $499.
BH is in Manhattan and very reputable. I'd get it from them
Yes, I have done a lot of business with them over the years. Not the point. I still don't get why this card is so much more than the others. Doesn't make any sense, unless they made so few, but no one has them in stock anyway. So....
Supply/Demand drives prices.
Oh, I get that. However no one has them in stock. So the supply is at Tascam, and the demand must be pretty low otherwise someone would have one in stock. My only guess is that no one is ordering these, but you'd think that would be the same for the other cards too. I just don't get what makes this card different than the others.
The parts cost on the Analog card is significantly more than the digital I/O boards - due to the converters and amplifier circuits - the price difference is justified, it's not an artificial discriminator.

Thanks RedBus, thats reasonable. There sure isn't much of a used market for these. I'm not sure which way to read that. Either not many were sold, or those that were stayed with their respected machine running great! Either way, no help for me.
Well thanks to much help from redbus, and others from Tascam, I was able to track down the cards that I was after. I have the AN/DM and the TD/DM card ordered and am just waiting for them to arrive. So, here is my next question. For those of you that are running these cards, what cables are you using, and where did you find them? I know i need 2 cables for the AN and appears that you only need the 1 for the TD. I am looking for options both with the cables and sources if possible.
Thank you in advance!

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