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Dec 18, 2013
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Tascam SX-1
Hi, I bought my SX-1 two years ago for $800 off of a friend. I never really had the chance to get to learn the machine. And now it has just been taking up space! I wish I didn't have to do this, but I am going to sell it! I have an LCD monitor that I will include with the deal. I'm thinking $550 is a pretty good deal, for anyone interested. PLUS SHIPPING!
You can make me your offers as well in you'd like. From what I remember when I bought it. It has all the extras, software and hardware. But really, you can ask me questions about it - I really just don't have many answers, as I never took the time to sit down and learn this machine. Thanks!
Hi, I'm looking for a second SX-1 STANDARD or SE to cascade with my first. If you still have it please PM me. Have cash now. Thx.
hey GuppiGreen! do you still have the SX-1 up for sale?
Wolf, I've been looking for a second standard machine for two years. Since I can't locate one I'm putting mine up for sale and moving to DP9. My unit is a standard model (Antares, SCSI Out) that I bought new as a demo unit from one of the big online pro audio shops. Non-smoking unit, always in my house, had it 12-15 years. The LCD developed the dreaded horizontal lines and I haven't been able to find a replacement display that I'm comfortable buying. My machine has three (3) analog interface cards so you can pipe in 40 channels from another desk (or whatever else). I also have the original operators manual, a copy of the service manual and all the SX-1 forum notes in a binder. It's in excellent condition and I have the Tascam factory freight crate with all the shipping inserts. I need $2,500 to let it go.
$2500 is just way too high for an outdated machine like the SX-1...even half of that would be too high...I'll have to keep looking...

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